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Chief Accountant

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Job description

1. Advisory work:

- Advise the General Director to perform all accounting, accounting and finance tasks assigned by the Board in accordance with the Charter of the Company.

- Checking and supervising the observance of financial and accounting policies in the enterprise.

- To disseminate and guide the timely implementation of financial and accounting regimes and regulations promulgated by the State for the executive levels in the accounting and statistical system.

2. Personnel management - administration of accounting department activities:

- Responsible for the organization of the accounting system of the Company, directing the accounting work of the Company.

- Planning and ensuring financial planning: repayment bank, purchase goods, pay for suppliers, other arising.

- Provide accounting data to relevant agencies: tax, statistics, government, PMU.

- Performing transactions with banks in credit loans, business plans to submit to the Bank when requested.

- Solve problems related to corporate finance: customer debt, supplier debt ...

- Synthesize and analyze data of production and business activities to help BLD to make optimal business plan.

- General, economic analysis in the company on a regular basis, monthly to ensure the operation of the CEO, and the development of regulations on financial management in the enterprise submitted to the General Director for issuance.

- Prepare and guide the implementation of procedures related to the operation of the Accounting Department.

- To guide, inspect and supervise the performance of day-to-day operations of accountants: collection, spending, import, sale, banking, bookkeeping, document storage ... handling issues incurred in the room.

- Implementing the plan of training, fostering, improving the level, building the accounting staff of the company ....

3. Reporting:

- Set up the annual tax finance with the Tax Accounting.

- Monitor sales programs, support payroll and other modes for sales staff.

- Prepare monthly, annual or annual report of production and business activities as required by the Company.


- Basic salary + Allowances: 20,000,000 - 25,000,000 VND - 13th Month salary


- Health Insurance

- Social Insurance

- Unemployment insurance

- Details of the interview.

Job requirements

- Number of years of experience in accounting and finance: 7-8 years, experience as chief accountant 3-4 years

- Number of years experience in equivalent position: Experience in organizing supermarket accounting system, restaurant for 5 years

- University degree

- Major in Accounting and Finance

- Types of certificates: Chief Accountant, Tax Accounting

- Knowledge of accounting software: Fast, Misa, Effect, candidates preferred using accounting software combined sales as Bravo ...

- Professional skills: Using accounting software, deploying accounting software, making reports, finalizing tax ...

- Other skills: foreign language, computer

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General information

Applied position
Chief Accountant

Working level
Manager/ Senior

Working type
Full-Time Permanent

Salary level
From 15-20 mil

Working place
Hà Nội

Degree Level

From 3 - 5 years experience


MPHR Client

Email: AnhNV@mphr.com.vn



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