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Customer Service

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MPHR Client
MPHR's client have been trusted and known for their core values of trust and credibility. This is also the place where Duc Phuc is confident to become completely 'molten' like the present!
Job description


- Carry out customer care, customer support and service in the corporate brand.

- Perform tasks under the direction of management and assist the departments in scheduling, service and post-service care.


Interactive Call Receive Call Center of the brands:

- Relay information directly or indirectly advise all customer needs about the use of plastic surgery services in the facilities under the Group.

- Updating customer information in a professional, scientific way, becoming information material in enterprises into software

- Provide the necessary customer information accurately, honestly, reliably.

- Objectives of customer service.

Interactive KH through the system of sources of self-registration customers need to consult through the marketing channel (very large)

- Call for advice directly or indirectly all the needs of customers about the use of cosmetic surgery services in the beauty salon, dentistry under the corporation.

- Providing all required customer information accurately, honestly and confidently.

- Objectives of customer service.

Customer care after surgery following the process of "customer care after surgery"

- Ensure that 100% of clients who have done the service at the salon are successfully taken care of

- Call right after surgery:

o First time: after 1-2 days

o Second time: after 5 -7 days

o 3 times: after 1 month, 3 months quality evaluation

Interactive Facebook System: Kangnam, East Asia, Paris

- Interactive customer submits information to - go on Fanpage

- Providing all required customer information accurately, honestly and confidently

- Objectives of customer service

Interactive Response Email KH: Kangnam, East Asia, Paris

- Providing all required customer information accurately, honestly and confidently

- Build and maintain contact information with potential prospects.

Customer interaction via chat system: Kangnam, East Asia, Paris

- Interactive customer submissions to - go on Live Chat

- Providing all required customer information accurately, honestly and confidently

- Objectives of customer service

Take care of potential customers on the Nano software data system

- Implementing the right customer care process increases the odds of other peers

Receive complaints handling customer service

- To record information fully and honestly, to direct the handling accurately and rationally.

- Prevent complaints and disputes dissemination of communications

Coordinate Marketing Department to conduct the program, advertising programs, promotions ...

- Before the workshop: Processing large amount of customers in a short time to ensure sufficient number of customers to participate in the workshop

- In the workshop: Direct consultation with the client + Receptionist

- Co-ordinate with Sales Department: Performing events, supporting staffs directly with the Sales Department under the project (currently supported, will later withdraw), monitoring, management, consultant indirect guests Telesales: Agent level 1, direct KH (already have guests and ongoing).

- Interaction customer call - call through the customer from the sales department directly, through agents level 1.

- Provide all customer information, return results on business (after strong business)

- Deploy customers gratitude program, birthday, Tet holiday (not yet implemented)

- Management and storage, security of data systems, records of KH information

- Perform tasks that arise from time to time assigned by the Manager.

Job requirements

- Level: Intermediate level

- Major: Economics, Marketing, Journalism....

- Experience: Over 1 year, experience in cosmetic industry

- Communication, presentation, sales consulting

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General information

Applied position
Customer Service

Working level

Working type
Full-Time Permanent

Salary level
From 5-7 mil

Working place
Hà Nội

Degree Level
Vocational College

From 1 - 2 years experience


MPHR Client

Email: AnhNV@mphr.com.vn



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