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PHP programmers

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MPHR Client
MPHR's partner is the e-commerce company, which specializes in providing purchase, sale, and renewal services. acting as a bridge between buyers and sellers supporting online payments and online money transfer between the two sides.
Job description

- Participate in software projects, website of the company;

- Planning and managing the programming progress as planned;

- Detailed module design;

- programming and integration;

- View the code and test the test;

- Build installation tools;

- Write a description of software functions;

- Support for programming issues;

- Integrated API knowledge;


- Extremely attractive salary: 8-20 million

- Considering bonuses according to the year, according to the holidays, quarterly evaluation, salary increase according to the time of dedication, capacity will be evaluated at the time.

- 12 days a year, salary is still calculated normal;

- The 13th month salary;

- Supported lunch at the company, support ticket to the car, provided super working computer if necessary;

- Participate in gala dinner parties at the company's holding centers on special occasions such as 8/3, 20/10; - Being entitled to public holidays and public holidays as prescribed by the State;

- Participation in insurance;

- Be able to work with local and international experts, work with a variety of projects so that they will learn a great deal of experience;

- Traveling yearly, get involved in team building activities extremely useful;

- The office is spacious, airy, comfortable to wear what you like.

Job requirements


- Experienced from 2-5 years in the same position;

- Mastering one of the following programming languages: .NET, C #, ASP.NET Webform, JAVA or PHP;

- Experienced jQuery, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 (XHTML, DOM, especially JavaScript.), CSS3;

- Knowledge of Web server, No SQL, system optimization is an advantage (not required);

- Ability to design and analyze the system

- Foreign language reading, communication if there is a great advantage

- Qualification / Degree: University degree or higher in IT, IT, .. and related subjects.


- Ability to work well in teamwork environment as well as work independently;

- Have the spirit of learning, able to bear the pressure and desire to stick with the company for a long time;

- Responsible, careful, meticulous, withstand high work pressure

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General information

Applied position
PHP programmers

Working level

Working type
Full-Time Permanent

Salary level
From 10-15 mil

Working place
Hà Nội

Degree Level
College Graduated

Over 5 years experience


MPHR Client

Email: hant3@mphr.com.vn

Tel: 0435771608


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