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Sale Logistics

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MPHR Client
MPHR's partner is a company specialized in manufacturing machinery; O & M and logistics services for customers in Vietnam and the region.
Job description

- Connecting with customers is the Forwarder, the company needs transportation, import and export. Customer list available;

- Introduce the company's services, negotiate prices, sign contracts, execute, implement contracts, regularly build relationships with customers;

- To search and expand the customers' demand for the use of the company's products in transportation, forwarding, loading and unloading, logistic services;

- Coordinate with relevant departments to carry out and complete the work related to import and export, transportation, loading and unloading services;

- Have the opportunity to lead team in 4-6 months;

- Other tasks as assigned by the manager.


- Salary: 12-15 million net;

- The allowance regime, KPI bonus according to company policy;

- To be entitled to full salary and bonus as well as insurance under the Labor Law and other preferential regimes;

- details of the interview;

- Working in a logistics company - Ba Trieu, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Job requirements

- Male Female. Experienced 1-2 years in sales logistics, forwarder, import-export or equivalent;

- Knowledge of freight transportation, logistics services including technical, equipment and services operating by sea, railway lines, routes;

- Proficiency in voucher, import-export, customs clearance and delivery;

- have close relations with the relevant authorities;

- Having a business orientation and passion;

- Communication skills, negotiation with good customers;

- moderate English, reading comprehension at basic level;

- Computer skills in office;

- Communication skills, presentation, negotiation;

- Active, intelligent, hardworking.

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General information

Applied position
Sale Logistics

Working level

Working type
Full-Time Permanent

Salary level
From 10-15 mil

Working place
Hà Nội

Degree Level
College Graduated

From 1 - 2 years experience


MPHR Client

Email: hant3@mphr.com.vn

Tel: 0435771608


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