About MP Human Resources

Located in the MP Group with 19 years of experience in the field of Contact Center and BPO in Vietnam, MP Human Resources Joint Stock Company (MPHR) is proud to be the leading human resource service provider with a team of experts.

From past to present, people have always played an important role in determining the success or failure of a business. Understanding this, MPHR is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive, specialized and effective human resource management solutions suitable to meet the diverse needs of domestic and international customers in Human Resources – Educate.

About MP Human Resources (MPHR)

Giới thiệu về Công ty Cổ phần Nguồn lực MP (MPHR)

MP Human Resources standardizes and at the same time applies technology to each process when performing services for customers such as:

  • Management Service, Payroll Payment
  • Personnel Hiring Service
  • HR Recruitment and Training Service
  • HR solution consulting service
  • Survey Services – Market Research

Core Values ​​– Mission – Vision


Understanding that “People are the most valuable asset of an enterprise”, MPHR is always loyal to the mission of providing the best resources for businesses in many fields.

Mission MPHR


Vision MPHR

In the coming years, MPHR wishes to

  • Become the number 1 company in Vietnam providing HR solutions services to customers.
  • Rated as a reputable provider of human resource solutions and a company worth working for and developing for individuals.

Core values

As a piece in the MP Group ecosystem, MP Human Resources always strives to follow the Group’s guideline on core values ​​such as:


Respect each other to grow together. MP Human Resources is committed to upholding the utmost respect for customers, organizations, partners and colleagues.


In the face of diverse customer needs and market fluctuations, MP Human Resources is ready to adapt to changes to bring the best and best quality HR solutions.


We put work efficiency first. Each individual as well as the team has a responsibility to work to bring tangible results to each specific corporate client.

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