Market Research and Survey Services

Your business doesn’t know how to analyze customer insights? Want to determine where your business is in the market? Or do you simply want to know if the company’s employees are positive about their current job or the company? What needs to be done to retain employees?

If your business is interested in the above, then MPHR’s Market Research and Survey Service is the solution for you.

With a team of highly qualified personnel, MPHR is proud to be the leading market research and survey service provider in Vietnam. MPHR always adheres to the commitment of time, cost, transparent legal requirements, so that customers feel secure when using our services.

MPHR’s market survey service packages

Survey and collect customer opinions – The basis for building effective marketing and business strategies for businesses in all fields.

Brand positioning/market share survey – Capture customers’ perception of brands, products and services; Identify competitors and industry trends.

Labor market income survey – Assess the overall quality of the profession through the average salary at different ranks.

Employee satisfaction survey – Improve policies, working environment, attract talent.

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What will the customer receive?

  • Cost savings with highly accurate numbers compared to self-deploying surveys at enterprises
  • Team of experts, experienced
  • Survey service committed to deadlines and legal compliance
  • Greater accessibility to the market of interest
  • The research and survey process takes place quickly, neatly, and flexibly changes according to each customer’s needs

MPHR’s Survey & Market Research Methodology

  • Telephone survey – MPHR built a clear survey process, with surveyors with skillful communication skills, detailed scenarios to easily exploit information. Flexible reporting system.
  • Online survey – Customers will experience a quick, accurate, secure and secure 4.0 technology online survey service by OTP and regularly report project progress.
  • Direct interview – The method of market research by direct interview is usually carried out in places with crowded places, randomly intercepted on the street, to ensure compliance with customer requirements.
  • Confidential Customers – MPHR has a lot of experience in recruiting and training secret customers (Shoppers) and a team of supervisors up to hundreds of employees nationwide, along with all the necessary equipment to serve. customers secretly collect data. Meet even the most demanding customer requirements.
  • Collect information in the market – Use mainly websites and search engines to collect huge amounts of information, general surveys to find out industry trends or market trends.

MPHR's Survey & Market Research Methodology

MPHR’s process of providing market research and survey services

Step 1: Receive customer survey request

Step 2: MPHR analyzes the survey request, responds back to the customer within 24 hours, discusses options and costs

Step 3: Sign the contract and make a deposit

Step 4: Collect, synthesize and analyze the collected information.

Step 5: Make an evaluation report at the request of the customer

Step 6: Confirm completion, perform customer care.

MPHR – Provide survey and market research services

If you are in need of a market survey, you can leave your contact information or call the MPHR hotline. We are available to answer any questions about MPHR services 24/7.

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