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Five most quirky interview questions to help employers evaluate candidates

You know the most successful executives in the world often have quirky questions for the candidate. They want to see the breakthrough and the ability to think to find people who are satisfied.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your whims?

To make sure that the right people are picked up, select the most suitable candidate Tony Hsieh - Ceo of the shoe company often ask the question. The answer is not that the numbers are not important, but the core is their answer. If you answered level 1 you are too serious and not interesting or if you answer point 10 then you are too crazy. Both will not be selected.

2. What is the last outfit you wear?

Many senior leaders care about the candidate they choose is humor, fun at work. So Warby Parker asked this question is to want to know the reason for wearing it rather than wearing what clothes.

They emphasize the people who make the work environment fun and easy to build relationships. They choose a person who has a better working style than someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and knowledgeable.

3. If you become an animal, what would you like to be?

Like their age in the twelve, they are animals with distinctive personality traits. When asking this question, it is the executives who are trying to understand your personality in the most accurate and effective way possible. Humans often have distinct traits if they want to become an animal that will help employers understand more about them.

Ryan Holmes - CEO of HootSuite Social Media Management also likes to ask: What is your summoned beast? To hire executive assistant staff. Candidate responds immediately to the duck because the duck looks calm on the water but actually underneath his legs always pedal like crazy. Based on that question, the employer sees the job description perfect for this position of the candidate. Finally, she received and worked very well.

4. What do you want to do?

Stewart Butterfield - often asks this question to find out which areas the candidate wants to develop and direction. If your short-listed candidates are not impressed by the recruiter. Because this is a question that employers want to know the candidate wants to learn, like what has not had the opportunity to develop from which to make the correct choice.

5. What would you do when the day the zombies arose?

It seems too impractical, but actually the Capriotti's Sandwich Shop - a franchise system in the United States is set to recruit potential candidates.

This is the question to help you know the candidate facing the pressure of work or how to deal with the situation, the work. Knowing what the candidates think when meeting those situations will in part recognize the most important of the candidates, the ethics that are appropriate for their company.

Here are five quirky questions from well-known CEOs. Each question does not contain a certain meaning, but can not be evaluated in the normal sense or literal meaning. Therefore, in order to select the best candidate for the job, the employer should specify the specific requirements of the job to make the right choice.

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