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Principle of Swan - Employers can not ignore

The ability to hire the right people to support effective work is critical for success. 

Let's start with thinking on paper

Outline the characteristics of the person that will suit the job. Experience requirements, qualities desired, talent skills that the candidates need to have the correct. Take a look at this as you would like to submit design orders to your requirements. The more detail you get, the better. Next, what are the results needed to take on the position of the application and give the certification or competence as the necessary condition to achieve the results you desire in the job description?

Swan principle - SWAN gives you 4 clear criteria to recruit the most suitable.

Then, you describe the personality of the ideal candidate to be ready to recruit. Remember to take the process seriously and closely. Only hire the people you want to work with and adore based on it to create your own recruitment standards.

S - Smart (agile): The active agility will always take the initiative to learn to be able to complete the best job is the person you should look for.

W - Work hard: Do not hire more staff will affect the job, or people have too many reasons for the lazy will not only not support, help you in the best way. You have to monitor, remind.

A - Ambitious: Why do you have to choose ambitious people? These are excellent recipients and have a high sense of responsibility in their work. They want you to take over the job and look at the work as steps to success and a good future. They believe that doing good and excellent will help you a lot, they will have a higher growth in their career.

N - Nice: This may be a criteria that should not be taken as a top priority, but important to the employer.

Those who know harmony, will do well in the role of teamwork, associate the members together to form collective strength. They are also fun people who make fun of the job as well as easily overcome the pressure in the work quickly.

Tips are useful in 90% of recruitment cases that employers apply for the correct selection.

 First: When selecting a candidate for a particular job, interview at least 3 candidates. Because you will have many choices, comparisons and opportunities to choose the potential candidates. Do not ever recruit the only person you interviewed, but expand the scope, objects to be able to find the real talent.

Second: If you are satisfied with a candidate, please interview three times. Take steps and arrange by one who can excel in the first round but normally in the second and worse in the third and vice versa.

Third: The personality of a person to match the position of the job is very important. Different aspects of different environments will reveal different things. You should interview candidates in three environments that may be office, cafe or downstairs. Each different environment you will evaluate comprehensively. Keep thinking slowly and carefully as talents need to find the challenge.

Depending on the circumstances and the different areas, leaders will have the most effective leadership. Wishing the leaders to succeed and make informed decisions and management style to develop a sustainable company.

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