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What should businesses do to have a stable human resource?

When there is a stable human apparatus, the spinning wheel of the whole enterprise will operate smoothly and efficiently, saving costs such as recruitment, training and many expenses related to the replacement. people. So how can businesses have many people work but still sticking with the company long?

5 Factors that determine the attachment of personnel to business

- Characteristics of work

- Wages and fairness

- Opportunities for training and development

- The support from superiors and colleagues

- Commendation and recognition

In addition to the characteristics of the work, the remaining elements of the enterprise can fully autonomy to retain employees. An employee who works hard but does not receive the encouragement, recognition or high demands that put pressure on them. Employees do not leave their jobs just leave the boss and the company only.

Wages and equity

In terms of salary, to retain employees should be clear with the mechanism of salary increase and specific notice to mobilize personnel. Take a careful look at all of the policies that treat your people.

Opportunity for training and development

Personnel, especially personnel, are attached to the company that any business would like. When replacing an employee, in addition to finding qualified people who are suitable for the job, adapting and integrating into the corporate culture is also a big reason that many businesses are enrolled. a lot of time that has not been found yet. Especially for important positions. So when you are well-versed in your business, you need to do your best to retain that employee.

Reward and recognition of achievement

Commitment to personal achievement with a small gift will really not take too much time and effort. On the contrary, when the recognition and reward makes employees stick with the company for a long time, although the treatment regime of the company is less than other businesses.

Respect and kindness towards the people is a straightforward exchange of work so that they feel fit and cultivate themselves. Even if they have terminated their contract, do not give any excuse to keep their insurance policy. There should be no unreasonable reason to deduct wages from lemons. If the business is treated like that with the staff go away, the people are shocked to worry for themselves. In addition, they are the best recruiting channel for your company, without the most effective and trusting marketing channels such as word of mouth marketing. Helping you choose the right person to the right job, but also save money, time.

Support from superiors and colleagues

The support and sharing from colleagues is also an important factor because when the policy is great but other departments such as administration, personnel are not good or cause difficulties. In fact, many people left and went out constantly because they were not happy with the behavior.

4 tips on using human resources

In order to keep personnel stable, human resource workers must be skillful in adopting the principles of personal success.

Large international conglomerates always value their employees in front of their customers because they understand that their customers must be happy, loyal and enthusiastic. They provide essential spiritual needs to create a long-term commitment to the organization.

When recruiting do not just focus on work skills but pay attention to the attitude, teamwork spirit, friendly personality will have a good attitude to work quickly and adapt quickly to the environment. school.

Encourage them to work well with their potential, because when they do what they love and promote the right strengths they will motivate themselves and work to complete the work best.

Interested in employees in special days, small gifts on the birthday, sincere attitude will be the small particles of the staff stick together.

Wish you are a great HR manager, always have new ideas to operate the human machine smoothly and efficiently.

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