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Occupational career is one of the most important factors that govern the success or failure of employees. Career choice is not just about looking for a job, but it is also a precursor to success, based on the personality, ability and effort of each individual. Therefore, before deciding to choose a job, individuals need to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that they can develop strengths, improve weaknesses and improve themselves. MPHR develops career counseling and guidance programs for students to help them better understand themselves, their direction, their goals, and their roadmap to pursue their dreams and success in career.

MPHR career consulting services include:

- Selecting jobs suitable to personality, abilities hobbies and interests;

- Choosing the study environment and program that suits the conditions of students and their family;

- Providing information on certification, qualifications, professional skills, and other necessary skills and experience for each stage on the roadmap for career preparation and development;

- Necessary skills to start a successful career (CV writing skills, job interview skills, professional working style, etc).

Career guidance process of MPHR:

Step 1: Checking and analyzing information of students

Step 2: Testing and assessing the capacity of students

- Examination of foreign language proficiency

- Scientific examination of self-efficacy (using one of the following scientific methods: fingerprint biology, personality question are, etc.)

Step 3: Intensive interviews

Step 4: Appropriate career counseling

Step 5: Giving advice on courses and complementary programs suitable to selected professions

Step 6: Building a roadmap for studying and career development for each age; each stage as well as entire career development process for having successful careers