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MPHR Client
MPHR's partner is a company that is produced and distributed exclusively, is a high class cosmetics are very popular women in Vietnam and many other countries. With more than 28 lines of beauty products for women, MPHR 's cosmetic partners always look to the spirit of beauty care for the Vietnamese. Material imported from Thailand and made in Vietnam. Certified products and Licensed by the Ministry of Health Does not contain CORTICOID in any product This is one of the cosmetic brands of Vietnam to international standard ISO 9001: 2015.
Job description

- Manage your entire online sales channel

- Write articles, information about products, services, build advertising content about the company's brand.

Responsible for building community on facebook

- Write articles for PR, for website, fanpage content, promotion content, email marketing, banner, poster ..., create ideas and plan implementation for the overall media campaign.

- Write articles, post on blogs, forums, social networks to promote the image of the company.

- Manage, care for fanpages on facebook, increase like, follow ...

- Perform the trick to attract fanpage members, increase like, view

- Be responsible for contributing ideas to build a fanpage, attracting interaction, developing brand overlay on social. Place ads in newspapers, radio, FB groups or design forums in accordance with. product or service

Job requirements

- Qualification: College graduation / University of Journalism, Marketing

- Understanding of Facebook Marketing, Content Marketing

- Have experience writing and developing content on social networks.

- Have a background in content management, software, and other social media interfaces (such as FaceBook, Instargram, and other media).

- Know the proficiency of social networks. Understand the market demand

- Know the content "hot", tit, attract viewers

- Ability to navigate the content, capture the trends of online advertising.

- Ability to work independently and in team work

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General information

Applied position
Content Marketing

Working level

Working type
Full-Time Permanent

Salary level
From 7-10 mil

Working place
Hà Nội

Degree Level

From 1 - 2 years experience


MPHR Client

Email: anhnv@mphr.com.vn



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