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Sales Executive

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MPHR Client
MPHR's partner is a corporation which has 100% charter capital from Japan. The company's business is selling and leasing materials, building design drawings and intensity: ·Architecture ·Factory · Bridge beams ·Device
Job description

- Search, build, meet, establish new business relationships;

- Maintain and care for existing business relationships;

- Receive orders, handle orders;

- Making business plans by month, quarter, year;

- To organize the fulfillment of the planned targets in each period;

- Job details will be discussed during the interview;


- Be trained and trained the product features, product capabilities, products meet the needs of customers, the price of the product;

- Working in a solid environment - Friendly - Dynamic - Healthy competition;

- The wage structure, including: salary + bonus according to the company regulations and regulations, telephone allowance, travel allowance;

- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance under the Labor Law;

- Working trip policy as regulated by the Company;

- Participate in tourism activities according to company policy;

- Telephone allowance, travel allowance, KPI bonus and sales.

Job requirements

- Male

- Be proactive, intelligent, hard working, be able to work under high pressure

- Office skills

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General information

Applied position
Sales Executive

Working level

Working type
Full-Time Permanent

Salary level

Working place
TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Degree Level
College Graduated

From 1 - 2 years experience


MPHR Client

Email: AnhNV@mphr.com.vn