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The management of salary at the enterprise is not merely the payment of salary to employees monthly, but also the promptness, accuracy and compliance with labor code. These requirements create a burden on costs and manpower for businesses.

MPHR will help the clients carry out the entire payroll process including:

- Development of labor contracts;

- Make payroll, pay salary for employees;

- Paying salaries to laborers;

- Calculating and performing jobs related to social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance;

- Make settlement of personal income tax;

- Carry out reports related to personnel changes to the management unit;

- Maintain and keep all information about employees, salary as well as related reports;

- Update, consultancy to provide information related to labor law, salary in Vietnam.

Benefits of using Payroll Services at MPHR:

- Quick, timely, accurate;

- Cost savings;

- Reduced workload for Human Resources Department;

- Information security;

- Compliance with labor law;

- To be provided with legal advice on specific issues of salary.