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The recruitment services MPHR provides solutions to find the most suitable candidates for business from the common workforce to the senior management positions that meet the needs of expanding production of client. With a team of professional recruiters on each order and each customer with a large and diverse candidate data that meet all the requirements of customers in many fields such as production, Telecommunications, Services, Information Technology, Business, Beauty...

MPHR brings the recruitment services to customers:

- Opportunity to approach and recruit the talented personnel most suited to the specific requirements of the business;

- Saving costs, resources and time;

- Support all special requests from customers;

- Professional recruitment process;

- Absolute confidentiality of customer information.

Process of recruitment services at MPHR:

Step 1: The employer provides information on recruitment requirements for MPHR;

Step 2: MPHR advises clients on the need to recruit and build contracts;

Step 3: MPHR selects the candidate profile in the data bank and prequalification interview;

Step 4: Customers interview the candidates directly or over the internet with technical support from MPHR;

Step 5: Customers select and recruit candidates;

Step 6: MPHR performs the warranty by replacing the candidate as required by the customer;

Step 7: Carry out the recruitment payment.